Wednesday, September 2, 2009

M-1 fighter Toni Valtonen has a swastika tattoo

what nonsense What amazes me are the number fighters who utilize Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai and try to espouse some sort of white supremacist leanings. Meanwhile if they didn't embrace these non white origin fighting styles they'd be obsolete dinosaurs. M-1 needs to get their shit together and decide what they're trying to promote. Since Fedor is such a big wig in that scene they need to get his brother Alexander (who also has swastika tats) on board and denounce this fascist bullshit. Stop skirting around and saying it's about being not pc, white nationalist, and reactionary to current trends. Call it what it is, hate and bigotry with a very rich history drenched in bloodshed and atrocity. Be men not cowards.You can live like Mussolini are you willing to die like him?

Fedor Emelianenko visits Tiger Schulmann's of Manhattan

Fedor rolled into town and made an appearance at Tiger Schulmann's. He made a stop at Farrell's show on Sirius. Farrell admitted that he trains at the facility which is nifty and admirable. I think we're both part of that demographic that has been more or less deemed as soon to be extinct by most conventional mindsets.
We're supposed to just eat our psyllium husks and monitor our blood pressure and stools. I tell these fux at work that I skateboard, do yoga, chi-kung and want to re-vist some tae kwon do/kick boxing they look at me as if I'm out of my fucking mind. Which is a good place to be.
Anyway, Farrel did a decent interview with a drowsy Fedor who had to speak through a translator which is really tough to sit through, as most of our Americana like "wedgies" doesn't translate well into other languages. I once worked with a Ukrainian and 99% of my attempts at humor tanked. Oh well.
MMA has turned into a one time ignored area in news media sites like Topix. Now there are a slew of experts commenting on the sport and there exposure has been two or three years tops. The most recent fighters are the greatest and best, any references before UFC 44 lost in obscurity. A lot of hostility has been directed towards places like Tiger Schulmann's for incorporating MMA into their name.
The voices say it's McDojo MMA and there are more sincere people out there. Meanwhile I think every martial arts place around town is offering some sort of MMA and some Billy Blanks geared "cardio kickboxing". I'm not going to say what's the real deal or not. I've seen what I would've deemed real deal come and go out of business due to reasons that would be considered obnoxious bullshit at any place of employment.
I understand the need for traditional martial arts and the whole shebang. Though I wonder when you're speculating on someone else's mma credibility, why you're spending months on katas with the kids. Where would that serve as useful. It looks beautiful when perfected, but the only thing that horse stance to downblock to forward step will get you in a ring or on the streets is mouthful of knocked out teeth. That's a whole other story. Stop the hating and be glad people aren't staying home and playing with their wii wii-s

Find Your Fight!

Caution English and grammar police, stream of consciousness piece follows:

A composite voice speaks, "gotta get yer fight on!" as Mystic Stylez era Three Six Mafia (at that time they were the far more menacing and occultist tinged Triple Six Mafia) beats kicks in. A montage film reel of me getting my ass motivated and back in shape rolls.
Public Image Limited proclaimed "anger is an energy." Adversity IS great catalyst if you allow it to be. Or you just roll with each metaphorical punch until you get one really that connects with yer jaw and knocks you down for good.
Punk Rock was a means of thumbing our noses at society and a lot of us embraced the apocalyptic, nihilist side of things and welp.. then we started to grow old. We've lasted too long and witnessed these horrific reunion gigs that should never have happened. We've been betrayed by all these truer than thou, harder than you, nailed to the X for life schmuckoids who've taken their bloated drunkard asses on tour to preach gospel that they haven't subscribed to in 20 years back to (m)asses. When you sift through the motivations behind these individuals/groups there as easily narcissistic and ego stroking as all the characters that were their targets in the 70s and 80s.
So what now? You don't want to be the puppet getting shoved around by the government and corporate entities. You don't want to get beaten down by these insurance/credit card oppressors. You can do a runner like The Business. Or you can not fall into debt. You can watch your health, eat real food and not all that boxed, high fructose corn syrup crap.
The most radical thing you can do, is take care of yourself. eat right, exercise, think positive thoughts and breathe. Never mind the bollocks of the shit boss. Mend that broke edge. Take that hate edge out on the treadmill.
I've had the most erratic gym attendance over the past year. Did the whole skim and bounce weightloss, lost a few, gained a few more and then back and forth some more. What the fuck? I had the fight and threw in the towel before the round was up. Gotta fight the good fight. I can get bogged down in all the isms and miss the immediate frontline that is drawn. Here, now, me... this is the battle ground. Now I gotta declare war and pummel through the mine field that is my mind.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

With Swine Flu, a No-Pucker Zone?

The attention grabbing link from Ny Times reads: "

With Swine Flu, a No-Pucker Zone?


Fears of a global pandemic have left some air-kissers out there are wondering if they should be less demonstrative."

- This seems to be how all the "news" commentary is addressing the swine flu. Should we report coughing people to an airline stewardess?? Are we better off not washing our hands after pissing at work? What are the chances of us catching the plague if we take a dump at Moe's? I mean there are an awful lot of hombres in the kitchen there. Shit, what do i do? dust off the rave gear and wear a gas mask?? Back to question posed by the Ny Times: should they be less demonstrative?? No. Less trendy Yes!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bedtime For Democracy.

so here's a disgusting piece on the "Sea Smurfs" that were created to keep the rabble in line, and to protect the uber wealthy.

thanks to democracy now for covering the piece
. Tonight on CBS, katie couric asks the candidates one of those moronic babah wah wah questions.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Everyday is STILL Halloween

and bela is still undead. someone figured out somewhere that there is an unwavering loyalty to the gothic realm. Though if you clicked on Projekt records' web site, you'd see somehow while all these other indie trends have come and gone... the goth have remained unscathed. However.. the people wearing those giant trousers with "bondage" wraps.. come on. You look like you're more about Electric Boogaloo than say Propaganda Magazine video II (which is no longer available at 112 video in Medford, because some genius felt it be wise to shit can all the vhs tapes. Good luck on finding Corpse Fucking Art on the checklist of Netflix.. morons.] Anyway here's the link from the NY TIMES piece.
Psst.. now if only we can get some more kids to listen to Romeo's Distress by Christian Death.